WP 5 Lice Base – an integrated resource supporting sea lice research

LiceBase will be the system for storing and mining the data from within this and related projects and is aimed to be the preferred site for the global research community for access to genome data on sea lice.

An aim is to construct a database system for storing genotypic and phenotypic data allowing analyses across developmental stages and body parts across characterized individual lice including perturbation experiments. It is an aim to make LiceBase the premier resource for sea louse genome information and data.

This work package is primarily a resource provider supporting the research in the center by (1) providing a solution for storing, sharing, and mining data within the center, and (2) providing a means for making data available to the wider research community worldwide. In the work package we will also work with other center members and collaborators to improve the genome annotation.

WP leader: Inge Jonassen, UiB

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