An efficient infrastructure integrating key resources and technologies will be established in order to develop a world leading centre in sea lice research. SLRC will build on two key resources: Lice Base for louse genome sequencing and LiceLab for biological experiments.

The main site for experimental activity will be at HIB, UiB, but wet-lab activity will also take place at the IMR facility in Bergen and at EWOS facility close to Stavanger. Broodstocks of the different lice strains will be kept in at least two different locations to ensure that valuable biological material is not destroyed if unexpected accidents occur. Marine Harvest and Lerøy Seafood will provide facilities for field trials.


Administered by: University of Bergen, Department of Biology, PO box: 7803, NO-5020 Bergen,
Phone: +47 55 58 44 00, E-mail: post.slrc@uib.no