SLRC research partners

University of Bergen
UiB is the host of Sea Lice Research Centre SFI. Three departments at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences are the basis for the SLRC-research at UiB: Department of Biology, Department of Molecular Biology and
Department of Informatics.

Institute of Marine Research
With a staff of almost 700 the Institute of Marine Research is Norway’s largest centre of marine science.¬†The main task is to provide advice to Norwegian authorities on aquaculture and the ecosystems of the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea, the North Sea and the Norwegian coastal zone. For this reason, about fifty percent of our activities are financed by the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs. The research group on Population Genetics and Ecology¬†¬†is looking into the structure and function of DNA in marine species, as well as using genetic approaches to study ecological and evolutionary processes. Other tasks include the genetic classification of wild populations and farmed species (including methods for tracing escaped fish), the behaviour, distribution and survival of organisms that escape from fish farms, and the evolutionary impacts of fishing.

Norwegian University of Life Sciences
 Two of the Principal Investigators and Work Package Leaders are based at NMBU in Oslo. Two departments are involved in the SLRC: Department of Basic Sciences and Aquatic Medicine and Department of Food Safety and Infection Biology.

SLRC Industrial Partners

Cargill Innovation AS
is a feeding Company owned by Cargill Inc, an integrated international company represented in 67 countries.¬† There has been a strong history of sea lice research¬†in Cargill Innovation over the past 20 years with the successful development of¬†medicine (diflubenzuron), immune products (Boost¬ģ) and more recently compounds that reduce the settlement and survival of sea lice.

Ler√ły Seafood Group ASA¬†is one of the leading salmon farming companies in the world with an annual production of 120.000 MT of salmon in Norway, turnover of 7.5 billion NOK and revenue of 950 million NOK in 2009.¬† The Group operates 108 farming license in Norway and the production is located within four clusters from mid-Norway to the north. In addition to fish farming, the company operates slaughterhouses and processing factories. Ler√ły Seafood group exports the products worldwide through a network of sales offices. The headquarter is located in Bergen, Norway.

Marine Harvest ASA 
is a world leading seafood company offering farmed salmon and processed seafood to customers in more than 70 markets worldwide. The company employs around 5000 people and has operations in 18 countries worldwide. The company is present in all major salmon farming regions (Norway,Chile,Scotland,Canada,Ireland and Faroes) and is the biggest producer of farmed salmon (327 000 tonnes in 2008). In 2008, Marine harvest had an Operating Income of 13 486 million NOK. Marine Harvest is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, with the company’s head office located in Oslo, Norway.

Elanco Animal Health
Elanco is a world leader and technology innovator in the research, development, licensing, and manufacturing of aquaculture vaccines principally for salmon.

 PatoGen Analyse AS
¬†is a biotechnology company that develops and sells gene technology analyses that are used to reduce disease related loss in the aquaculture industry. PatoGen’s services contribute to increased profitability and predictability in the aquaculture industry by preventing infection and disease and contribute to meeting our customers’ ever stricter requirements for cost-efficient, animal-friendly production of Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout and cod. PatoGen has the most modern laboratories for Real-Time PCR analyses for detecting fish pathogens in Norway, and serves customers in Norway,Great Britain,Canada, and Chile. The company’s operations are based on over 10 years of scientific development on Real-Time PCR analyses and their use. The two founders of PatoGen Analyse AS have PhDs and Master’s degrees in fish health and have a background as scientists at the University of Bergen and the Norwegian National Veterinary Institute in Oslo.

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