SLRC Seminar on Sea Lice

The Lice Research Centre (SLRC) gathered about 85 participants at the seminar on Sea Lice Tuesday 17th October.

The seminar was divided into two parts and you can find the presentation from the seminar below:


  • Focus on new knowledge on sea lice and some of the results obtained in the centre.

Understanding male reproduction in sea lice
Andreas Borchel, Post doc SLRC

Understanding resistance would help in prolonging Kiranpret Kaur, Researcher SLRC the life of chemicals
Kiranpret Kaur, Researcher SLRC

Osmoregulation in salmon louse (OSMO-LUS)
Anna Komisarczuk, Researcher SLRC

Heme absorption in the salmon louse
Erna Heggland, PhD student SLRC

Salmon louse glands secretes  – immune modulatory proteins and rhabdoviruses
Aina Cathrine Øvergård, Post doc SLRC


  • The Traffic light system and salmon louse, some of the research and surveillance behind with possible consequences

National monitoring program for lice
Ørjan Karlsen, Senior Researcher IMR

Wild salmon smolt and salmon lice
Knut Vollset, Researcher Uni Research

Virtuel salmon smolt model
Ingrid A. Johnsen, Researcher IMR













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